Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Just a few more pictures of the trip. It takes so long to upload pictures here, our internet is slow, so it's just a few highlights since I last posted.
The first is a mural in the city made up of handprints.
I'm not sure what order the pictures are in but...
-One is of my friends Farley and Perri and I going to the J&B Horse race last weekend. We were VERY underdressed. People showed up in bright colored dresses and feathers and suits and heels, a very posh affair.
- The penguins are at Boulders Beach, a stop on our penninsula tour. There is also a picture of the Cape of Good Hope.
- One picture is from our hike up Devil's Peak (attached to Table mtn but a little off to the side)

In other news, classes started on Friday. It was a big wake up call since thus far we have basically been on vacation in Cape Town. I have been keeping busy by going to markets, walking around the city, surfing, hanging out with my housemates, and trying to become a little more South African.

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